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Welcome to JTP China

JTP is an international placemaking practice of architects and urbanists, with extensive experience of delivering successful projects for both public and private sectors throughout the UK, Europe, Russia, China and the Middle East. We use participatory techniques pioneered and honed over two decades to build collaborative visions for our projects with the very people who will go on to use them.

From our studios in London, Edinburgh and Hangzhou we undertake placemaking projects at every scale, from cities and towns, to neighbourhoods, streets, and the design of individual buildings. Our multi-disciplinary approach blends JTP’s highly experienced staff with professional collaborators to build a team specific to each and every project. We have established a network of local knowledge and expertise in China, Russia, India, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Sweden.

JTP in China

In early 2009 John Thompson visited China to lecture at a number of China’s top universities on sustainable urbanism, including Tongji University, Zhejiang University, Chongqing University and Beijing University Shenzhen Graduate School, and meet potential public and private sector clients and collaborators.

Shortly afterwards JTP was invited by Greentown to undertake a charrette for a new settlement on Zhoushan Changzhi Island, Qiantang River Delta, working with client, the local collaborators 9M and a number of international organisations to develop the masterplan.

The project was successful and since then we have undertaken over 20 masterplanning projects in China ranging from detailed plans for mixed-use town centres, neighbourhoods to visions for new cities and sub-regional strategies.  Underpinning our work is our charrette based methodology, strong placemaking philosophy and principles of sustainable urbanism and bioclimatic design.

In January 2011, Alan Stewart, Partner in charge of JTP’s Edinburgh Studio moved to China to set up our Shanghai Studio and become CEO of JTP China. With an office in Shanghai, we can ensure that we have a strong local and international team in China working in close collaboration with our UK studios.

Alan said “China has many innovative and ground-breaking projects, it is very rewarding and exciting for all those projects. Our collaborative design approach and philosophy means that we can provide our customers with local expertise and international best practices, design services, for different places to create a unique and sustainable place”.

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