Collaborative Placemaking has four clear benefits which are interlinked, interdependent and form part of a greater whole:

Generating a different kind of capital: The Social

Placemaking is not just about good design. Without identity, pride, ownership, good citizenship and neighbourliness a sense of place will wither away.

Social capital – the resources that become available within a community as a consequence of networks of mutual support, trust, and obligation – is enhanced in by our Collaborative Placemaking process.

Building virtuous circles: The Economic

Attractive and successful places naturally invite investment and generate added value.

From the outset, we establish a strong vision for each of our projects. Our approach maximises value, builds confidence, and leads to a virtuous cycle of investment.

Encouraging life between buildings: The Physical

People act differently in places they feel belong to them.

We arrange buildings to create outdoor space where everyday life can flourish: well-designed public spaces that make it impossible not to stop and chat, sunny or shady spots ideal for a café, and informal spaces for children’s play.

Investing in initiative: The Environmental

Environmental issues are complex and evolving.

As a practice, we have invested heavily in developing the expertise that has put us at the forefront of sustainable urbanism. Our placemaking methodology embeds environmental responsiveness at every level: a holistic approach we pursue from masterplanning to the detailed design of individual buildings.