Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia


Client: City of Dubna
Project Information: Masterplanning
Population: 30,000
Site Area: 450 ha (Special Economic Zone 100 ha)


  • Dubna has an international reputation for its contribution to science, particularly nuclear research.
  • The brief was to enhance Dubna’s reputation to attract more scientists and highly skilled workers to relocate to the city to live and work.
  • A greenfield site on the left bank of the Volga River was earmarked as a location for a new, high-quality neighbourhood. The site is affected by seasonal flooding.

Project Delivery:

  • A vision developed in a seven day charrette in Dubna and Moscow with the client team.
  • A masterplan of distinct, high-quality sustainable neighbourhoods.
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZ) to provide links between technology and commerce.
  • A strategy for independent phased growth of residential villages and SEZ.
  • A landscape strategy to accommodate seasonal flooding.
  • A new park to unite the new development with Dubna’s existing urban quarters.
  • Identification of best location for new bridge to connect Dubna’s disparate layout.

Collaborators: Gillespies, Group Ark, Intermark-Savills