Nanjing Software Valley, Jiangsu


Client: Nanjing Software Valley Management Committee
Population: 400,000
Site Area: 4450 ha


  • The site is located in Nanjing, capital city of Jiangsu Province, and the second largest city in the Yangtze River Delta region
  • The site is the focus of Nanjing’s desire to build a world-class software-based reputation
  • The site is surrounded by beautiful landscape, including New Qin Huai River and Yuhua Mountain park
  • The site has 21st Century transport connections
  • As well as large areas of industrial park there are also well integrated residential areas that mean that the large workforce have short commutes to work

 Project Delivery:

  • Comprehensive research to position Cloud Valley at the forefront of the international software industry  
  • High quality urban design set in a beautiful landscape parkland and riverfront setting 
  • Integration of new development with existing industrial and residential areas through the creation of well connected neighbourhoods and good green and road connections
  • Ensuring a truly sustainable software community is created where living, working and free time are combined in one iconic new place

 Collaborators:  Jijing Architecture Design Company, Gillespies