Changzhi Island, Zhejiang


Client: Greentown Real Estate Group
Project Information: Masterplanning
Population: 40000-50000
Site Area: 440 ha
Total Floor Space: 2,000,000sq.m residential and 500,000 sq.m. other uses


  • Changzhi Island is largely undeveloped and is connected to Zhoushan by a bridge.
  • The brief was for a new settlement designed on placemaking and sustainable principles to create a livable and ecological town.
  • JTP won the project through an invited, international competition.An island south of Zhoushan Main Island used to be salt fields.

Project Delivery:

  • A masterplan that encompasses the best traditions of European urban design and placemaking, adapted to Chinese culture and form.
  • Creation of a compact town centre with a canal system around its perimeter.
  • A new freshwater lake designed as an attractive destination for residents and visitors.
  • A cultural quarter linked to the town centre by an urban park.
  • Access improvements to reach the existing forested hill.
  • A new marina for a distinct arrival where the existing bridge meets the island.
  • An executive golf course to the south, with high-quality, high value residential enclaves interspersed within the layout.

Collaborators: Gillespies, 9M