Qidong Yangzte Story Town, Jiangsu


Client: Xinhu Zhongbao Real Estate Company
Population: 60,000
Site Area: 400 ha, with study area 800 ha


  • The site is strategically located in the estuary of the Yangzte River, where the river meets the Yellow and East China Seas
  • Qidong is China’s most eastern city on the eastern coast, and is the first to see the sun rise in China
  • Accessibility to and from Shanghai has been enhanced by the opening of Chongqi Bridge

Project Delivery:

  • A masterplan for a new town, with a harbour, golf course and other tourism facilities located at the mouth of the Yangtze River.
  • A 5 km long Yangtze Experience Park designed to be one of the top tourist attractions around Shanghai.
  • A museum located at the eastern end of the park to celebrate the sunrise.
  • Residential neighbourhoods of varying densities designed around tributaries of the Yangtze River.
  • A harbour village located at the south-west of the site to celebrate the sunset.
  • The integration of Statue Park and Temple complex into the scheme.

Collaborators: Gillespies, 9M, BTI